udkServe Print Conversion Software

A LAN based software solution installed on a dedicated user workstation. It translates XES/UDK based print jobs for any number of printers on a network. The udkServe Software License is based upon the speed at which the translated data is outputted to the print queue on the LAN.

udkServe - The Process and Overview

  • udkServe, by following a special command file (UDKSERVE.CMD), reads a file containing Xerox UDK/XES print streams from a specified directory. If no files are found in that directory, it goes to the next directory specified in the command file.
  • When udkServe finds a file in a directory, the print stream is translated by udk2pcl Print Conversion software to an output file in PCL5 format including all necessary fonts and forms used by the job.
  • A series of DOS commands are executed which contains the commands necessary to route the output file to the desired printer and to move and delete files to set up for the next file to translate.
  • udkServe then looks at the next section of the udkServe command file to check for a file to translate.
  • When all directories specified in the udkServe command file have been checked, udkServe starts to process the command file again after 5 seconds.

Each printer can have its own setup with unique UDK2PCL.INI and UDK2PCL.CFG files. This means that different tray setups can be accommodated easily.

Universal Features of udk2pcl Print Conversion

Dot for Dot Font Fidelity

Fonts, including logos, bar codes, and signatures are converted "dot for dot" and stored in the udk2pcl Font Library as they are received from the host. This means that all the original font metrics are retained, which is critical to proper XES processing. Complete ISO character sets required for foreign languages are converted. Fonts can also be loaded to the udk2pcl Font Library with a stand-alone program. The basic udk2pcl Print Converter can store up to 100 fonts. Up to 400 fonts can be stored with a hard drive option. Only one font orientation is needed to be stored in the udk2pcl Font Library. 4045/4030/4213 fonts can be rotated when stored.

The fonts only need to be loaded once. This saves considerable host transmission time for printing applications and printer set up. Disk backups make it easy to set up additional units with the same fonts.

Only the fonts actually used by a print job are sent to the printer during a print job. Optionally, fonts can be sent with every job to printers that are shared with network printing.

A font extraction service is available to copy fonts from a 3700 backup disk or 4045 font cartridge, if needed.

Forms Support

Forms can be Constant Pages or stored by name as a file on udk2pcl's disk in the same manner as 3700's or 4235's. If forms are to be stored, the source code is sent from the host once to catalog it for later use. If source code for forms is not readily available, replacement forms can be created on request. Up to nine forms can be active at once and merged on the same page.

Storing forms on disk reduces host transmission time by eliminating redundant data. Some users take advantage of this capability merely by designating to their applications that the output will be printed on a 3700 type printer.

Conversion is fast

The udk2pcl Print Conversion software has been programmed for fast throughput. udk2pcl running on a 486/66 MHz PC can convert complex UDK print jobs at 300 pages per min. Fonts are loaded to the printer in seconds. udk2pcl sends the PCL5 data to the printer as fast as it can accept it.

PCL Page Size

Xerox XES/UDK printers print edge to edge. PCL printers generally conform to HP's standard of 1/4" unprintable margin all around the page. udk2pcl can generally "squeeze" and shift the edge to edge report into a smaller printable area. Separate reduction percentages are provided for each direction. This can be invoked for all jobs or used on a job by job basis with different values. The HP squeeze capability has no effect on throughput performance.

If the PCL printer can support edge to edge printing, udk2pcl will print the page the same way it printed on the Xerox XES printer.

Both EBCDIC and ASCII Supported

Any host system that delivers either EBCDIC or ASCII XES/UDK print data streams is supported. udk2pcl Print Converter software has its own EBCDIC to ASCII translation table that conforms to Xerox printers.

Paper Tray Select

Multiple paper trays and paper sizes are supported, including letter, legal, 11x17, A4. Any XES paper source command can be assigned to any paper tray on a PCL printer. More than one paper source can be assigned to the same tray.

Printer Emulations

The unique differences in how the Xerox 4045 and the 3700 handle XES/UDK print jobs is incorporated in udk2pcl Print Conversion software. Many users have reported undocumented "features" of the way XES works on the different model printers. Many of these have been have been incorporated into udk2pcl.

The desired personality is selected for all jobs or on a job by job basis.


The XES commands for head to head duplex and head to toe (tumble) printing are supported. Only the 4213 and 4235 models printed duplex. This enhanced feature reduces the amount of paper required for reports and shipping costs.

Two Up Printing

udk2pcl supports two up margins so that two landscape pages can be printed on a portrait page. A font is provided to use this format.

Translation Tables

Character Translation Tables and Character Reassign commands are implemented. udk2pcl Print Converters can print jobs from RPMF, XPAF, and DCF-XP.

11. Multiple Copies (Collated)

Many copies of an entire print job can be reprinted locally with the XES Copies Collated command. The hard drive option is necessary to use this command. Using this command does not effect printing throughput.

Graphic Windows

Raster images in sixel format up to 8 x 10.5 can be printed in Graphic Windows.. Graphic Windows Repeat is also supported.

Vector graphics using line draw Raster images in sixel format up to 8" x 10.5" can be printed by udk2pcl. Graphic jobs created by Telegraf can be printed.

Mixed Orientation

udk2pcl Print Converters can print portrait and landscape fonts on the same page.

Embedded PCL Commands

A special command is available to enable PCL commands to be inserted into the PCL output upon job reset or anywhere in the job. This is useful to send a PCL command to the printer that is not supported by XES.

INIT and EXIT strings

Any character string can be appended to the front of a job and/or at the end of all jobs.

Ink Change

The udk2pcl Print Converter will print opaque white on a black background using the ink change command.

Ease of Use

The default settings for udk2pcl, the udk2pcl Font Library, and converted forms are files stored on disk. Changes to the default settings can be easily made using a PC editor. Backups can be made of the files. When additional units are set up, they are easily "cloned" from backups. Software updates are distributed on boot disks or via an electronic BBS.

Product Support

Both the udk2pcl Print Converter and udkServe software are warranted for one year. Request a copy of the Limited Product Warranty for details.

One and two year extended warranty options are available.

Post warranty support is available on a time and materials basis.

Technical Support is available 9 AM - 5 PM EST.


Rather than using a HEX dump, a data capture program is provided to capture the print files as they are received from the host. Thus, the actual print stream can be examined by using a computer and also used for testing.

A user supplied VGA monitor and AT keyboard can be used to start and watch the progress of jobs.