Looking to convert AFP?

Avoid costly changes or replacement of your AFP based print Applications. Change the print file (as a fully composed AFP/MO:DCA source file) instead!

Working with the fully composed AFP/MO:DCA output file offers many benefits:

  • Stability: The application remains stable - no changes made to it.
  • Permanence: The source file is a permanent record of what was printed and because it includes all the resources needed by the job, it can be reproduced on demand.
  • Change Management is simpler: Changes to the output media or look and feel of documents, are easier to verify than changing the applications on the mainframe.
  • Unlimited Flexibility: The AFP source document becomes a medium of information that can be used in an unlimited number of creative ways to improved productivity and meet regulatory requirements.


Some Examples of the FLEXIBILITY when Converting AFP

Change the look of AFP documents at "print" time

  • Change company logo, name, addresses, phone numbers
  • Move fields of information
  • Improve readability
  • Make changes required by governing authorities
  • Add data from other databases

Improve the workflow (how the document is used)

  • Add barcodes for intelligent mail inserters.
  • Add barcodes to make documents scannable in the workflow.

Disaster Recovery

Print AFP formatted documents on PostScript or PCL printers located anywhere.

Distributed Printing

Print where the document is used, rather than at a central site

Outsource large jobs

  • Outsource large print runs or documents (statements, bills, etc.) to be mailed.
  • "Package" AFP print jobs so that 3rd party vendors can print on their printers.

Web Presentment of AFP formatted documents

AFP files are split and converted, as needed, to PDF or HTML formats for Web presentment.

Archive Document (originally formatted in AFP)

  • Archive as AFP, but view and print as PDF, PostScript or PCL.
  • Index the document for archiving.
  • Divide production run into separate document files for storage and retrieval
  • Search and Reprint documents on demand.
  • Print documents stored in COLD systems to print as PostScript, PCL or PDF.

Data Mining

  • Convert AFP formatted documents to Excel, XML, CSV, etc. to use for other applications.
  • Extract data for other applications.

Reduce Costs to "print" AFP formatted documents

  • Print AFP jobs as PCL, PostScript, or PDF formats on standard Network printers instead.
  • Eliminate specialized hardware and software required to print AFP jobs.
  • Eliminate the need for duplicate printing format infrastructure support.

E-mail bills, invoices, statements and reports (e-bills, e-statements)

  • AFP production report is segmented by bill, customer, etc. to create PDF files.
  • e-mail "packet" can be sent to e-mail server or distributed via a secure e-mail service.

Considerations for selecting an AFP conversion solution

Is the conversion software fast enough to handle production sized jobs efficiently?

Can the conversion software run on OS/390, z/OS, Linux, Solaris, UNIX, AIX, or Windows?

Can AFP jobs be extracted from JES selectively and processed?

How "sharp" is the PDF image?

How good is the font mapping and image fidelity compared to the original print?

Is the PDF file created searchable or is it a bitmap?

Can you add forms to the PDF file to simulate preprinted paper?

Can you add color to the page?

Can you encrypt the PDF for security and limited access?

Can you add "watermarks" to PDF pages?

Can you use "Notes Attachments" in the PDF files for collaboration?

Can you add messages to the AFP document (such as monthly marketing messages)?

Can a large production job be split into smaller files (branch office, invoice, customer, or other criteria)?

Can an index be created to complement the PDF files that will be archived?

Can the conversion process handle more than one translation simultaneously?

Can PostScript, PDF and index files all be created at the same time?

How compact are the PostScript and/or PDF files created?

Did IBM help the vendor "get it right"?



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