Try UKD2PCL Before You Buy It!

You are probably thinking - It sounds good, BUT...
Will udk2pcl convert OUR XES/UDK print jobs?

Our goal... Provide you a Plug 'N Play XES/UDK conversion solution. That's why we offer to prove it BEFORE you buy.

Here's all you have to do...

Print out Report & Configuration

Print out a Default Settings Report or a Configuration Page from your Xerox printer after it has been in production for a while. This helps us to see what fonts have been downloaded, if any. If the printer has a hard drive, please print a list of the font directory and a list of the form directory.

Send Us Test Files of your Applications

Send us test files of your key applications -- the applications that must run with udk2pcl. If you need help with this, we can provide you with a unit to capture the files that are being sent to the Xerox printer.

To process these applications, we also need :

  • Copies of your font files.
  • If forms have been stored on the hard drive of the printer, please send us copies of the source code for the forms in use. Merge page forms (if any) should be in the sample test files.
  • Hard copy output of the test files printed on your Xerox printer that is to be replaced.

Verify UDK2PCL will Convert Properly

We'll verify that udk2pcl will convert these applications properly. This saves you time. They will enable us to configure the udk2pcl software with your fonts and setup files required so that it will be ready to use when you get it. They also enable us to support you better because we will be able to run any capture files that you send us during your evaluation or warranty period.

Time for Production Testing

If you like what you see when we return the tests, then udk2pcl can be installed, as soon as we receive a conditional Purchase Order or Trial Agreement. You can then production test udk2pcl with your replacement printer.

Personal Support for any Issues that may come up

We will work with your staff to investigate any problem jobs and develop a resolution.

Please send the application resources to:

IHS Systems Corp.
95 N Tennessee St
Danville, IN 46122
Phone:(317) 718-8770