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IHS Systems Corp. offers solutions that save money and improve printing. The udk2pcl Print Converter converts XES to PCL for one printer and the udkServe Print Conversion Software converts XES to PCL for many printers

Do you use Xerox "Distributed" Printers

Do you use Xerox "distributed" printers that use XES/UDK commands to format printing? The Xerox printers we referring to include the 4011, 4030, 4045, 4197, 4213, 2700, 3700, 4235, and 4700 models, as well as, Xerox XES Server and Agile X/TRA.

These factors impact their continued use...

  • High cost of ownership and use.
  • Printer maintenance problems
  • Limited printer functionality

Install udk2pcl Print Conversion software two ways...

  • "Plug N Play" udk2pcl Print Converter to support one printer.
  • "LAN workstation" based udkServe Print Conversion Software to support many LAN attached printers.

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